Family Bonding · Riley Juliet

Southern Snow Days

I grew up in New Jersey where a few inches of snow is not a cause for alarm and barely enough for a kid to get excited about. Schools operate as usual, maybe a delay, and parents went to work with little to no changes to their schedule. Moving to North Carolina I assumed we wouldn't see much snow and if we did, it wouldn't be enough to even notice. Apparently I was wrong.

In the south, even flurries seem to be a cause for alarm, and an inch or two? School is closed for at least a day. I'm not sure how many inches we've accumulated during this storm, but it's definitely more than one or two and school has been closed for 2.5 days and it will be again tomorrow. A day of snow preceded by a night of ice followed by another day of heavy snow definitely makes the road conditions bad enough for the closures, especially when plows aren't on every street. I can't say I mind being snowed in the past 2 days with my hubs and baby girl, a rarity these days.


Being in the police academy is hard work, harder still because of the long hours it requires. I probably get to spend about 10 minutes a day of down time with Ron before he is back to studying and asleep so he can wake up at 5am. Even his weekends are spent studying and preparing for the week and tests ahead, going so far as to take his notecards out to lunch! His dedication to the academy and his determination to do well is inspiring.

Being off the past 2 days and knowing he won't have to go back to school until Monday means he can relax a little bit. And when I say little bit, I mean a little bit. I think he has spent the better of the past 2 days writing notecards and studying, but at least now he can take an hour or two off to watch tv with me and play with Riley girl. It's so fun to watch him with her and the sweet moments where he puts her to sleep or sings her a song make my heart smile.

I'm so grateful for these couple of snow days, for a few lazy hours with my husband and my best girl, for Riley and her daddy to spend time together, to revisit the days home together pre-academy. I'll always treasure those days when we first moved, when for a month or so Ron was home all day, every day. And even though I had to work, I loved coming home and making dinner with him and just hanging out together. This week has been an awesome reminder of that and a great chance to refuel for the rest of his 10 weeks in the academy.

I'm so proud of him and so happy to be his wife…and that we get to go out for Valentine's Day tomorrow! It's been a long time since we've been out without the baby and I'm so looking forward to having a few drinks with my hubs and spending time just us! And then coming home to Riley girl of course 🙂




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